Rob Ulitski - 9th Sept 2020

Stormzy lets his inner superhero shine in Taz Tron Delix's animated video for Superheroes.

Hot off the heels of their previous vids - Audacity and Ain’t It Different, with Headie One - Taz and Stormzy collab again for this uplifting anthem, with the sentiment of Black Lives Matter at it's core. The result is a big departure in style, necessitated by the pandemic crisis, but which works brilliantly for the message of the song.

Buenos Aires-based animation company 2Viente do a breathtaking job in bringing the narrative to life, painting Stormzy and co as everyday superheroes, whose work in the community and love for their family is both inspirational and aspirational.

The concept has Stormzy talking to a young Black boy, and explaining that nothing is out of reach for him, or his community - a power expressed through the visual language of superhero comic books and movies.

The stylised cartoon aesthetic works perfectly with the concept, affording Delix and the animation team the opportunity to be unabashedly ambitious, and these bold ideas really elevate the project.

Super speed, jumping from lamposts, elevating from the floor, swiftly working out equations, moving objects with the mind, flying in the skies - these are all used in a surreal yet genuine manner to remind and reinforce the point that this new generation are Black, Beautiful, Brave, and supremely talented.

It's a phenomenal visual match to the poignant track and its important message - and a groundbreaking departure for Taz Tron Delix. 

PRO Credits


DirectorTaz Tron Delix
ProducerJoseph J Goldman
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerKiran Mandla
CommissionerDan Curwin
LabelAtlantic Records
Animation Company2viente
Creative DirectorPablo Gostanian
Creative DirectorAgustin Valcarenghi
Director Of AnimationIsra Giampietro
Other creditsART DIRECTOR: Pablo Gostanian, Patricio Delpeche CHARACTER DESIGN: Patricio Delpeche PRODUCTION MANAGERS: Pilar Megna, Mercedes Lauria STORYBOARD: Patricio Delpeche, Isra Giampietro ILLUSTRATION TEAM: Patricio Delpeche, Nahuel Sagárnaga Cozman, Constanza Oroza, Luciana Criscuolo, Ailén Sbrizza, Dani Acosta, Silvio Daniel CEL ANIMATION TEAM: Isra Giampietro, Juan Nadalino, Diego Polieri, Lisandro Schurjin, Fernando Toninello, Sebastián Garcia, Alejandro Samandjian, Cintia Czeszczewik, Demian Garnero, Bonkers Animation, Six Studio, ClubCamping GENERAL COMPOSITING: Mateo Vallejo 2D ANIMATION: Mateo Vallejo, Dani DiPaola, Facundo Brunella, Ana Bour, Alcides Izaguirre, Alex Gostanian ADDITIONAL CEL ANIMATION: Pablo Rago, Ivan Greco CLEAN UP SUPERVISOR: Joaquín Garin, Julián Cristiano CLEAN UP TEAM: Sebastián Garcia, Facundo Garcia, Eugenia Beizo, Joaquín Garin, Julián Cristiano, Gastón Ignacio Herrera, Emi Abot, Fernando Toninello, Israel Giampietro, Yas Hanna, Adrian Peralta, Demian Garnero, Paula Ramoa, Ivan Greco, Juan Natch, Camila Strusa, Bonkers Animation, Six Studio, ClubCamping 3D SUPERVISOR: Mateo Vallejo 3D MODELS: Mateo Vallejo

Rob Ulitski - 9th Sept 2020

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