Promonews - 9th Sept 2020

Dutchavelli puts on the style in Kevin Hudson's video for Bando Diaries, featuring some excellent VFX-fired 'cutout' transitions between the scenes.


"Speaking with Dutchavelli during planning he explained he wanted to back to the original run and gun style of shooting like we did with his first hit Only If You Knew.

"So we scrapped the original treatment I had for it and he brought out a few vehicles and found a mansion and I gathered a small run and gun crew and we created the video you see online today.

"A lot of it involved me shooting through and out of car windows alongside quick jump out and shoot scenarios. Also having had shot Dutchavelli’s first video, it’s always fun for us to catch up on new projects."

PRO Credits


DirectorKevin Hudson
ProducerKevin Hudson
Production ManagerJoshua Griffiths
Focus PullerTekko
GafferMassimo Fillipi
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates

Promonews - 9th Sept 2020

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