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Gracey, Alexander 23 'Like That' (lyric video) by AMITYBLOC

Rob Ulitski - 1st Sept 2020

AMITYBLOC put a twist on the lyric video concept in the video for Gracey's Like That, to create what they call an 'anti-lyric video'. 

Incorporating the lyrics into everyday situations, the multiple vignettes are built around the themes of the track, with clever reveals to match the song's delivery. 

Charming and lo-fi in its style, the use of traditional titling is a nod to the VHS era with its own contemporary spin. 


We aim to blur lines between the functionality of a lyric video, and storytelling of a music video.

"With the brief originally being for a traditional 'words-on-screen' lyric video, we created a treatment that would skew this more towards an "anti-lyric video". Being the third video of this kind that the studio has created, anti-lyric videos aim to blur the lines between the functionality of a lyric video, and the storytelling of a music video.

"For this project, our goal was to create a lyric video that felt like captured memories. In the spirit of the song, the moments are snapshots during the golden era of a relationship, where both partners have been caught completely off guard. They may not have planned it, but they've fallen deeply for one another.

"The core foundation of the video are these candid snapshot moments, with the lyrics being physically integrated into the scenes. Filming was achieved with real couples in their own living spaces. Their flats were more or less hijacked with new set dressing props like posters, calendars, fridge ornaments, and clothing, all of which were adorned with the lyrics.

"To continue GRACEY's own aesthetic, footage was captured on DVTape with any lyrics that were on-screen created using a Panasonic video titler." 

Rob Ulitski - 1st Sept 2020


  • Lyric Video
  • Pop
  • Alternative Pop
  • Abstract
  • anti lyric video

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Nura Abdela
Production Company




Polydor Records


Production Assistant
Theo Witrylak

Other credits

Art assist

Penelope Whitehouse


Imogen Smith, Dale James, Caterina Danzico, Tiara Harwood

Rob Ulitski - 1st Sept 2020

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