Rob Ulitski - 20th July 2020

Jane Chow directs a 90's-style greenscreen video for Tiffany Day. 

An alien from Mars travels to Earth to pursue a career in music. As she struggles all alone, two 'men in black' are on a mission to hunt her down. Will she succeed in her dreams? Or will they catch her before she’s had a chance?

That's the logline for this offbeat trip into retro-futurism, blurring the lines between the past and the future with a vibrant kaleidoscope of imagery. Day floats on a bike ET-style, rides atop a train to Brooklyn and busks in London - all within a three minute runtime and whilst being chased by weird clones. 

It's wild, full-on and most importantly a spectacular deep dive into the quirky imaginations of the director and artist. 


During lockdown, I had an idea to shift gears and finish everything remotely with green screen VFX.

"We started shooting this video at Youtube Space LA earlier this year and had planned to continue shooting scenes on location around the city, but then the pandemic happened. During lockdown, I had an idea to shift gears and finish everything remotely with green screen VFX, and go all out with the 90s DIY energy.

"After shipping a green screen to Tiffany's house in Kansas, directing her over FaceTime while she filmed herself, and months of post, the video is finally complete in all its chaotic glory!"


DirectorJane Chow
ProducerMegan Lau, Jane Chow
ProducerJane Chow
Production ManagerAddy Bruggeman
Director of PhotographyVivan Lau
Focus PullerFarrah Su
GafferArjay Ancheta
WardrobeSarah Kim
EditorJane Chow
ColouristJane Chow
VFXJane Chow
VFXJane Chow, Peter Rafe
Other creditsStory: Jane Chow And Peter Rafe Associate Producer: Peter Rafe Grip: Chris Pickering

Rob Ulitski - 20th July 2020

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