Rob Ulitski - 3rd July 2020

Dan D'Lion is sucked into his computer by his own digital avatar, in Paul Gardner and Ben Newbury's video for Pull Me Under. 

As he falls deeper and deeper through a series of psychedelic worlds, he doesn’t know where he ends and the avatar begins.

Featuring glitchy 3D models and analogue cityscapes, the directors have created an otherwordly aesthetic, punctuated by surreal VFX and distorted technical wireframes. 


We wanted to explore the idea of a different kind of relationship, that had parallels with a physical one.

“The video is about giving in to the uncontrollable, that one thing that gives you the highest high, but dumps you in the lowest of low without warning. It’s about the way in which our emotions can overpower any control we have over ourselves, and knowing that’s totally okay.

"We felt the relationship described in the song was quite abstract. Visually we wanted to explore the idea of a different kind of relationship, one that had parallels with a physical one. The idea of social media and technology fitted with the song really well.

"The video required a 3D scan of Dan, a greenscreen and live action shoot as well as some choreography. All of this was done in lockdown with lots of Zoom calls and a very patient artist - who was also the DoP and lighting designer."


DirectorPaul Gardner
DirectorBen Newbury
ProducerAdriel Thomas
Post production companyBlack Skull Creative
VFXPaul Gardner
CommissionerEmma Seccombe
CommissionerDaniel Millar
LabelInsanity Records

Rob Ulitski - 3rd July 2020

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