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Roger Spy 'Elsewhen (ii)' by Roger Spy

Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2020

Roger Spy self-directs an experimental lockdown concept for new release Elsewhen (ii). 

The lo-fi visual is filmed on a small Go-Pro style camera, capturing an 18-hour period in which Spy creates a DIY set from bin bags and tin foil, edging into the territory of conceptual art. There are bright-eyed hazmat characters, mysterious boxes and glitchy, creepy performance, intertwined to create a haunting and isolated atmosphere.

After the tongue-in-cheek pop of his video for Did You Go To Masturbation School, released back in January, this is a real change of direction: the avant garde side of Roger Spy. 



Roger Spy:

"Filmed during lockdown, the one shot music video for Elsewhen (ii), captured over a period of 18 hours, is my testimony of a day during quarantine. Themes of alienation, loneliness, social distancing and surveillance are at the core of the piece, placing myself as the protagonist, facing a day in isolation with my thoughts, fears and characters that inhabit within.

"The music, which was never intended for release, was created in 2017 as an experiment between sound engineer Stuart Walton and myself. Inspired by film scores, notably Jerry Goldsmith's Alien, and other works by Laurie Anderson and Philip Glass.

"As the lockdown was announced I re-listened to the song and was intrigued by its juxtaposition of Utopian lyrics with a dystopian atmosphere, that seemed to fit the times. Amidst the broken down opera, the video serves as a portal to previous works and a conveyor of a positive message, that we can come out on the other side from this challenging experience, better and reinvented."

Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2020


  • Up & Coming
  • One shot video
  • Performance
  • Alternative
  • Experimental
  • classic
  • experimental
  • conceptual art

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Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2020

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