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Brain Rays & Parish News ft Dan Jose 'Inner Freak' by Max Sobol

Rob Ulitski - 11th May 2020

Max Sobol directs a timely crowd-sourced new video for DJ/producers Brain Rays and Parish News' Inner Freak. 

The film consists of footage filmed by a music-loving cast of family, friends, and acquaintances from all over the world, sharing the same experience of life on lockdown - and sadly away from the dancefloor.

Brain Rays had the idea after seeing the ways people were dealing with the unique circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. Then Max Sobol worked with choreographer, dancer and singer-songwriter Bryony Perkins (Punchdrunk), to create a quarantine-inspired ‘TikTok’ style dance routine for the video’s cast to perform. 

All proceeds from sales and downloads of Inner Freak will go towards supporting Masks for NHS Heroes


Rob Ulitski - 11th May 2020


  • Charity appeal
  • Dance
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • user generated
  • Charity
  • tik tok
  • coronavirus

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Max Sobol
Max Sobol
Production Company
Thatbutnotthat Ltd


Editing company

Other credits


Bryony Perkins, Anna Wheatley, Matt Smith, Max Sobol, Flo Dixon, Simon Dobson, Dom Moore, Grace Lightman, Rebecca Hand, Theo Ogundipe Row, Tess, Aria & JJ, Matthew And Emily Nora, Dora, Kat & Frida, Harry Long And Katie Brayben, Em Thane, Bert Dixon, Claire Fourel, Kirk Watson And Laura Melville, Hal Chambers, Lucy Grattan + Minnie, Simon Hampshire, French Tony + Lisa, Tom Oxford, Emily, Neil + Flossy Dixon, Kooks + Amar Sahota, Josh Woodfin And Issy Sampson, Bosborn + Enya, Sarah Hudson, Dad + Queenie, Hilary Hudson, Ken Hudson, Ollie Monaghan, Mutti Wheats, Jess Baglow, Anna Sedina, Jonny Rowden, Frankie Snowden, Oscar Porter, Ella Porter Brentford, Pete Brentford & Caroline Porter, Miranda Perkins & Helen Griffin Barry

Rob Ulitski - 11th May 2020

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