Rob Ulitski - 31st Mar 2020

An underground club and a mysterious stranger spur a sexual awakening in Savvas Stavrou's video for The Irrepressibles. 

As packed nightclub crowds move in waves of robotic movement, the lead actor - played by Alistair Wroe - starts to dance without inhibition, embracing his sexuality and gender, and rejecting the fear-based limitations that society has imposed on him. 

DoP Matthew Emvin Taylor masterfully creates an intimate space between the vibrant red and blue strobes, with the lighting getting brighter and more abundant as the narrative unfolds, representing the character coming out of his shell and allowing himself to be seen properly for the first time.  


I wanted this film to be an exuberant break into the Technicolor - that is what it feels like to be liberated.

"For me, Let Go is one of those tracks that breaks convention and blends emotion with a strong joyful beat. When I first heard it, it made my heart flutter like a butterfly, and that was exactly what I set out to evoke with the film. It was so important for me to retain this energy on set - it really is infectious and visible on screen - and for that, my entire crew and cast are to thank. Their outstanding talent and dedication to this film is what gives it so much soul. For me it was kind of a dream - to film my favourite dancers in my favourite club alongside all my friends as extras.

"You don’t get many chances to create something that can be meaningful and simultaneously overpoweringly fun. Most importantly, in the process of making Let Go, I understood a lot about my own journey of shedding social constructs, these ideals of gender, sexuality and masculinity that our communities impart on us and stop us from being our true selves. I wanted this film to be an exuberant break into the technicolor because that is what it truly feels like to be liberated.

"I’m so grateful to be working with The Irrepressibles on this second part of a triptych that we’re building for this new album - the sheer cinematic scope of their music here is truly a delight to be inspired by."

PRO Credits


DirectorSavvas Stavrou
ProducerAilsa Vanessa Tapping
Production CompanyForever
Executive ProducerSasha Nixon
Production ManagerEdvin Dubrovskiy
1st ADPeter Stephanou
2nd ADFemi Anderson
Director of PhotographyMatthew Emvin Taylor
Focus PullerThomas Nicholson
2nd ACJonny Lewis
GafferAaron Szogi
DITDavo McConville
Art DirectorDaniel Draper
WardrobeMarianthi Hatzidiki
Hair & Make-upElle Mcmahon
Casting directorCeline Poplawska
CastingLane Casting
EditorGary Coogan
Editing companyThe Quarry
ColouristJonny Thorpe
Grading companyGlassworks
Lead actorAlistair Wroe
Lead actorPaaliba Abugre
CommissionerDaniel Harding
Other creditsCommissioning - Zinglyng Lighting Design - Rob Tiefton Lighting Desk Operator - James Dickson Sparks - Alejandro Restrepo Celis, Zoe Williams, Ciprian Stroiny Grip - Carlo Vera Production Assistants - Chloe Stavrou, Stefani Zedanova

Rob Ulitski - 31st Mar 2020

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