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WizKid 'Ghetto Love' by Adriaan Louw

Rob Ulitski - 16th Sept 2019

Adriaan Louw brings the WizKid backstory to life, pays tribute to the place that shaped him, and to the never-ending hard work that got him to where he is today in the video for Ghetto Life.

Contrasting a series of high concept performance setups with the everyday hustle and bustle of Lagos, his hometown, we see Wizkid performing in a studio, radiating confidence as the camera circles around him.

From sitting in a small boat, obsessed with listening to music on a cassette player, to where he is now, his pathway to success is inspirational, and Louw does a fine job of visually representing this journey. 

The set design in the main performance setup is a perfect backdrop for the story, allowing dozens of light beams to permeate the environment, silhouetting WizKid and a group of dancers as they celebrate life and success. 



"This video for Ghetto Love was a way to bring the Wizkid back story to life. It’s a tribute to the place that shaped him, and to the never-ending hard work and hustle that got him where he is today. The video captures surreal visuals of Wizkid’s success and cuts to him looking back at where he came from. I love how this video transports his fans to Lagos, giving them glimpse into his Nigerian heritage." 


“FAMILIA has deep roots in Africa and music videos. Having collaborated with a strong stable of international artists and brands across the African continent. This collaboration with WizKid really was a perfect fit for Adriaan and FAMILIA. 

"Adriaan has a profound sense of youth culture and this really shines through in his work. He manages to capture unique African scenarios in an original way, a look that has defined his signature style."

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Rob Ulitski - 16th Sept 2019


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Adriaan Louw
Allison Swank
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Executive Producer
Toby Walsham


Director of Photography
Felix Seuffert


Paul Speirs


Simon Bourne


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Dawa Thompson

Service Producer Nigeria

Rob Ulitski - 16th Sept 2019

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