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Rufflefeather 'Amnesia' by Ro Llauro

David Knight - 2nd Aug 2019

Drawing from dystopian classics such as 1984Fahrenheit 451 and Brazil, and existentialist questions in the works of Tool, Ro Llauro envisions a terrifying future for mankind for the Australian band Rufflefeather.

It's the story of the Operator (played by Rohin Thompson) - a worker who is confined to his workstation, his mouth sealed shut. As he goes about his tasks on his strange pre-computer device, the Overseer barks orders from the screen above his station. But from this bleak post-war dystopia, scenes from a world outside his dronelike existence start to be beamed in through the TV.

"The entire set was created from scratch in the back of an antique warehouse," reveals Ro Llauro. "Rohin, had his mouth shut closed for most of the production day - we only had limited prosthesis he could wear, then rip open." 

With this sense of resourcefulness - including impressive art direction that delivers an effective retro-future aesthetic, and the repurposing of Cold War-era public domain footage - Llauro has created a convincingly bleak world to accompany the Radiohead-like indie-rock of Rufflefeather's Amnesia.

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David Knight - 2nd Aug 2019


  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • VFX
  • Rock
  • Dystopia

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Ro Llauro
Natalia Cartney
Production Company
Studio Borges
Production Company
Rolling Media Productions
1st AD
Tommy James Green


Director of Photography
Dean Francis
Focus Puller
Jim Wild


Aleix Castro


Art Director
Gabriella De Candia


Vanessa Hopkinson


Damian Dunne
Post production company
Rolling Media Productions

Other credits

Lead actors

Rohin Thompson, Will Gabriel

Lighting assistant

Simon Giles

Art Assistant

Jimena Puente Treviño

David Knight - 2nd Aug 2019

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