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Bishop Briggs 'Champion' & 'Tattooed On My Heart' by Tim Mattia

Rob Ulitski - 1st Aug 2019

Bishop Briggs is a shaved-head warrior in a cinematic revenge story over two videos by Tim Mattia.

The first video for Champion introduces Briggs in the middle of the desert, performing as her body rattles with anger. Driving up to a bar, she takes an armoured case from the trunk, and charges towards the venue. Immediately met by a couple of thugs, Bishop takes them out with the case, hardly batting an eyelid. She's on a mission, and she's royally pissed off. 

We are shown glimpses of a wedding, where Briggs is left at the aisle, in a striking homage to Kill Bill. The narrative hints at a variety of wrongdoing, but more importantly, we get to see the vengeful aftermath, culminating in a showdown between Briggs and her ex-beau in the bar.

The narrative of Tattooed On My Heart delves further into the backstory, and replaces the frenetic fight scenes with emotional vignettes. We see Briggs and her fiancé in love, getting matching tattoos, and eventually ready to marry in a remote church. We are also shown Briggs returning to the church, with the mystery item she retrieved in the first video...

Both beautifully shot by Justyn Moro, making great use of the abundant natural light and dusty colour palettes of the location, TIm Mattia has cemented his position as one of the pre-eminent music video directors working today with this impressive double-video project that complement each other impressively. 

Rob Ulitski - 1st Aug 2019


  • Narrative
  • Special projects
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Tim Mattia
Jack Winter
Production Company
London Alley
Executive Producer
Brandon Bonfiglio


Director of Photography
Justyn Moro
Focus Puller
Octavio Estrada
2nd AC
Patrick Flaherty


Lionel Diaconescu


Art Director
Kenneth Arnold Taylor


Jen Kennedy
Editing company
Lalim Edit


Olio Creative


Director's Representation
OB Management


Yolande Geralds
Island Records

Rob Ulitski - 1st Aug 2019

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