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Taylor Swift 'You Need To Calm Down' by Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift

David Knight - 20th June 2019

Dashing the hopes of alt-righters everywhere that she's their secret queen, Taylor nails her colours to the mast and embraces the LGBTQ community, in the video for You Need To Calm Down. 

It's a cameo-packed fantasy trailer-park world, with appearances by Laverne Cox, the “fab five” from Queer Eye, Billy Porter, Adam Rippon, some drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race (including a Taylor lookalike) and RuPaul himself. And then there's the appearance of Katy Perry, as a burger to Taylor's fries - an orchestrated demonstration that their, er, 'beef' is now a thing of the past. Maccie Ds must be absolutely delighted.

There's also the characterisation of a homophobic demonstrators as a rabble of toothless rednecks - which is fun, but is it helpful? At least one commentator thinks otherwise

This is also the Taylor's first video where she claims a co-directing credit - together with Drew Kirsch, who's super-colourful style has graced videos for the likes of Jai Wolf, John Legend, Valentino Khan and others.

David Knight - 20th June 2019


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Taylor Swift
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Fuliane Petikyan
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Todrick Hall
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Taylor Swift


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David Knight - 20th June 2019

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