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Bree Runway '2ON' by Fred Rowson

David Knight - 29th May 2019

Fred Rowson and Bree Runway revive the collaboration that began with 2017’s What Do I Tell My Friends? (where Bree murders a fashion photographer and twerks over his dead body) with an ambitious new project starting with this video for 2ON.  

After his work on the last Years & Years’ release, Palo Santo, Bree asked Fred Rowson to take on the role of Creative Director. This time, Bree wanted something much larger in scale - a satirical concept based around her experiences growing up in Hackney, coming from a Ghanaian family, and finding that the darkness of her skin tone was the source of bullying and commentary throughout her childhood.

From these painful beginnings, Bree and Fred created a cartoon world - Crackney - in which the concept of skin tone is malleable, in which Bree is a fashion tycoon, with her office based in her real-life living room, running a business that sells Be Runway Body Spray - a spray that turns the wearer into, of course, Bree Runway.

With a set of references spanning from Aqua's Barbie Girl video to Twin Peaks, via Mortal Kombat, Bree and Fred created a colourful, heightened visual world which link narratively her social media presence, the songs themselves, the stills and EP artwork - shot by Charlotte Rutherford - and the two music videos, written and directed by Fred. Fred and Bree are planning to extend the concept to Bree’s live shows in the future.

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David Knight - 29th May 2019

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Fred Rowson
Production Company
Executive Producer
Laura Northover
Production Manager
Ellie Britton
1st AD
Tom Allan


Director of Photography
Stefan Yap


Kieran Brown


Art Director
Lucie Red


Ben Crook
Editing company


Post production company
Post Producer
Chloe Ensor


Martha Kinn

David Knight - 29th May 2019

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