Lassamie Prasimay - 25th Mar 2019

This trippy video for The Amazons by Stephen Agnew is an illustrated and animated psychedelic head melt, which sees the band’s live action footage blend seamlessly with moving graphics that pulsate to the song.

Amazons' frontman Matthew Thomson says: “Animation was a medium we were keen to explore with Mother, especially as we felt there would be scope to match the size and ambition of the sonic and lyrical vision of the recording. We had a great experience working with the director Stephen Agnew after being inspired by the visceral approach in his previous work with some of our contemporaries.”

PRO Credits


DirectorStephen Agnew
ProducerJames Cross
Production CompanyKode Media
Executive ProducerNathan Killham
Director of PhotographyJack Wilkinson
CommissionerCarrie Sutton
IllustratorCackhanded Kid
AnimatorAndy Overton
Other credits

Lassamie Prasimay - 25th Mar 2019

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