Promonews - 11th Mar 2019

Greg Barnes creates a wise, world-weary character to personify the lyrics of Trim, in his video for Catching Flies.

Our hero is a suitably reflective figure found in different locations around London for The Light by Catching Flies, who has been described as sitting on the "smooth, mellow side of electronic music" somewhere "between Flying Lotus and Bonobo".


I wanted to depict Trim as an elderly version of himself, played by an older actor.

"The track was dreamlike and somehow sobering all at once - I knew I wanted to bring that hauntingly powerful mix into the video.

"Trim’s lyrics are a soulful reminiscing of his youth; full of nostalgia, regrets and hindsight - written with the wisdom of someone beyond their years - who has lived life. I wanted to personify that wisdom, and depict Trim as an elderly version of himself, played by an older actor.

"From there, the image of an ageing and lonely MC began to apparate; melancholic and gnarled, navigating the world of his youth - ghost-like in his invisibility but visually sticking out like a sore thumb, a metaphor for the immortality we feel when we're younger - and the mortality we didn’t plan for…"

PRO Credits


DirectorGreg Barnes
ProducerHolly Wolfers
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films
Executive ProducerMartin Roker
Production CoordinatorFrankie Markot
Production AssistantJess Newby Vincent
Director of PhotographyHoward Mills
EditorGreg Barnes

Promonews - 11th Mar 2019

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