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Col3trane 'Fear & Loathing' & 'Britney' by Oscar Hudson

David Knight - 8th Aug 2018

Col3trane ponders the shifting and unpredictable sands of time in Oscar Hudson's hallucinatory double video for the teenage R&B singer/rapper's Fear & Loathing and Britney.

Taking Hunter S Thompson's gonzo classic, referred to in the title of the first track, as his jumping off point, Oscar Hudson and his regular cameraman collaborator Ruben Woodin-Deschamps employ some imaginative in-camera techniques for each song, and create a work that tackles the big subjects: life, death, drugs and flowers.  

First of all, Col3trane finds himself in the desert, his mental state altered courtesy of interesting combinations of camera zooming and pixellation. Then he's joined by a companion, a Thompson-like figure, transported to the desert after dropping acid, via his bowl of soup. Rather too much acid, as it leads to a decline and demise that Hudson turns into a black comedy of timelapse. And then things start to move back to the beginning...  

“I always wanted to make a double video for Fear & Loathing and Britney," says Col3trane. "The acid reference is an obvious nod to Hunter S Thompson but it was Oscar’s idea for me and the other guy to turn up in each other’s trips. Oscar is an amazing talent to work with. The song is about being stuck in a loop that you can’t get out of, and he really brought that to life with the visual.”

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David Knight - 8th Aug 2018


  • In-camera FX
  • Performance
  • Desert
  • Acid trip

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Oscar Hudson
Francois Larpin
Production Company
Executive Producer
Rik Green
Production Manager
Scarlett Barclay


Director of Photography
Ruben Woodins Deschamps


Caroline Clayton

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Julius Gibson

Date (Talent)

Steven Calvert

Production Service


David Knight - 8th Aug 2018

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