Promo News - 6th Mar 2018

Writer/director Dugan O’Neal also stars in his video for electronic dance duo Kunzite - a homage to vintage acting audition tapes.

Evoking 80s-90s era open casting calls – and no detail is spared with the authentic vintage attire, VHS film-graininess and retro office decor – O’Neal plays the eager actor waiting his turn behind other hopefuls for a chance at his big break. While actors line up and perform for a disinterested crew, with interpretive dance moves and rocking out with air instruments, our nervous hero in the waiting room finds momentary solace, with the entrance of another hopeful (played by O'Neal's wife, Bethany McCarty).

And when it's his turn to showcase his talents for the stern producer and bemused musicians, he mentally transports himself to a woodsy ethereal realm, where he finds the freedom and confidence to let loose. It's a great, goofy, feegood climax to the story.

Very entertaining, and as well as Dugan's star turn, the whole project was a family affair: the surly casting director in the video is played by Tom Gundelfinger O'Neal, Dugan's father.


DirectorDugan O'Neal
ProducerBenjamin Gilovitz
Production CompanyThe Directors Bureau
Executive ProducerSue Yeon Ahn
Director of PhotographyDrew Bienemann
2nd ACAmina Zadeh
EditorPaul Rogers
Editing companyMPC
ColouristRicky Gausis
Other creditsCamera Operator: Logan Triplett Casting: Broad-cast Casting

Promo News - 6th Mar 2018

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