David Knight - 12th Dec 2017

Dan Medhurst's film for modern classical artist Grandbrothers is a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, who struggled to push a large rock up a mountain only for it to roll back down and for him to start again each day.

In the dead of night, an elderly man (played by Mark Wingett) leaves his sleeping place among rocks to travel across a hillside, his journey floodlit by moving lights as he goes. Finally satisfied and fleetingly happy, he then realises he's back where he started, reflecting the infinite cycle of the universe.

PRO Credits


DirectorDan Medhurst
ProducerHolly Wolfers
Director of PhotographyJordan Buck
WardrobeGeorge Oxby
WardrobeSam Thompson
EditorLaura Cairney-keize
ColouristTim Smith
LabelCity Slang
Focus PullerAli Baines
Other creditsClapper Loader: Milo Brown Gaffer: Mark Campany Runner Driver: Frederick Fuller Special Thanks To Lee Brinkley & Procam

David Knight - 12th Dec 2017

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