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Justice 'Pleasure' by Alex Courtès

David Knight - 28th Sept 2017

Alex Courtès elevates sex to a higher plane in his stunning and steamy video for Justice.

A naked couple's throes of sexual passion take place in an abstract space and charged with beams of light, until the pair become positively godlike. Courtès orchestrates the action and their passage to sexual immortality with real panache, the sense of Kubrick-style perfection of the whole piece confirmed by the final shot.


"When Xavier and Gaspard asked me to collaborate with them on a new video, I was delighted. We had already done one that I really enjoyed doing, so to get back at it again was a real treat.

"The Justice boys had a concept in mind of a supernatural love scene, an extrapolation of feelings during sex relation. A symbiosis. I fell in love with their ideas as I had something in mind for a long time, so combining their ideas and mine would be great.

"I wanted for a long time to play with strong vivid colours and bright tubes that travel through the bodies of characters and they liked the idea too. Let’s shoot a bold sex act in a sensuous representation, with lavish colors. So on we go!

"The shooting was really nice and [DoP] Nicolas Loir really made the scene look amazing and the film fall together. I knew we had to be 'in' the action, to be as close as we could to faces and the skin. Thanks to Nicolas's work, the shooting part was less raw as we saw that the images we are making were truly exciting. 

"My goal in the project was to achieve a sensual film that deals with emotions, a film that goes beyond the crude aspect of the situation. I hope we got close to it."

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David Knight - 28th Sept 2017


  • Director's notes
  • Mature - NSFW
  • Dance
  • Electronica
  • Nudity

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Alex Courtès
Elsa Rodach
Production Company
Executive Producer
Clémence Cuvelier


Director of Photography
Nicolas Loir


Delphine Genest


VFX Company
Machine Molle

David Knight - 28th Sept 2017

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