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Desert Mountain Tribe 'Interstellar' by Daniel Turner

David Knight - 11th Sept 2017

Desert Mountain Tribe go galactic in an effects-laden labour of love that's been a year in the making for the director Daniel Turner.

This is a performance video with a difference, linking to the songtitle Interstellar. Turner has the band effectively as a heavenly body, spinning in outer space, and that was achieved by stitching together footage from a multi-camera shoot. Without much money, it required a lot of time to figure it out and execute the FX in post, as he explains below. Certainly a case of stretching the space-time continuum. 


"An epic track deserved an epic video, but if you don’t have money you need time - an adage that could describe this project perfectly.

"The idea came about while listening to the early demos of the bands’ first EP, 2-3 years ago, before it turned into an album. It was pure pie in the sky thinking at that point, as we knew more money would be needed to pull it off than the label would ever put up. However the idea stuck around, and just wouldn’t be tamed. Every time I heard the track I saw it the exact same way, so I knew we had to find a way to make it happen. The challenge became working out a way to achieve the effect in a way that could use time rather than budget - something I had to find a colossal amount of, especially with no production company or post house involved.

"The result was months of 3D pre-vis before pre-production could even begin; both to communicate the idea and provide a workable shotlist. A vast amount of time-based coding was needed, including a couple of timing logic problems that threatened scupper the entire concept and take a lot of sanity with it. Production then involved a combination of using multiple cameras stitched together, adapting a lot of existing lighting systems to work on film with our specific requirements, and almost a year of post production ending in a final render of around four weeks.

"There were so many technical challenges on this, that meant everyone involved had to really believe in the concept and be willing to go way above and beyond. It’s possible there are still people floating down the river searching for their minds, but we were blessed with the team and their dedication, and very proud to finally send it on it’s way. Thanks also to Movietech and Panalux, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible!"

David Knight - 11th Sept 2017


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Daniel Turner
Kristyna Sellnerova
1st AD
Dan Gibling


Director of Photography
Davey Gilder


Greg Krzeszowiec


Art Director
Paulina Rzeszowska


Danny Atkinson

David Knight - 11th Sept 2017

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