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Meatraffle 'Brother' by Niall Trask

Luke Bather - 26th June 2017

Niall Trask presents us with a scrappy little no-budget romance for Meatraffle.

Two travelcards and a can of Fosters were all he needed for his performance/narrative surrealist black and white clip, that manages to tell a tale of platonic love between bandmates, even though the members of Meatraffle don't seem to be able to get together for band practice.


"Meatraffle set me the challenge of trying to organise them and get them together for a video shoot. I’d actually secretly been mildly obsessed with them as characters for a while, so I jumped at the chance.

"I wasn’t able to get them together on the same day, so that affected the outcome of the story. In true DIY fashion, on a budget of only two travelcards for the cinematographer and me, and a can of Fosters to use as a prop, we made the quintessential pop-romance video. A love story, where individuals are unable to function alone, but together form something incredible and beautiful… being Meatraffle this was undermined at every opportunity by something absurd.

"We shot the video between Canning Town, Streatham and Godstone in Surrey, the beautiful black and white cinematography was by my best friend and brother from another mother Andy Little."

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Luke Bather - 26th June 2017


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Niall Trask
Niall Trask


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Niall Trask


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Luke Bather - 26th June 2017

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