Luke Bather - 14th June 2017

Pascal Teixeira's new clip for Royal Blood is a performance in the great white void.

The black and white clip floats and melts around the band as they perform the song in an endless white expanse. The camera wanders with a blatant disregard for silly ideas such as 'up' or 'down', and instead posits the idea that there is no right way up. There is only an endless void with a rock band floating in it.

PRO Credits


DirectorPascal Teixeira
ProducerRoman Pichon Herrera
ProducerHorace De Gunzbourg
Director of PhotographyElodie Tahtane
Post production companyMathematic
LabelWarner Brothers
EditorSimon Colin

Luke Bather - 14th June 2017

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