Luke Bather - 7th June 2017

A teenage boy lives his most hedonistic life in Ill Studio's video for Soulwax.

Getting into trouble is part of what makes adolescence so damn fun, but when you look back with the clarity of time you never quite seem as edgy as you thought you were. (One look at your Facebook posts from four years ago should be an unwelcome reminder of this).

Ill Studio knows this, and they make it their duty to make that teenage rebellious streak look as epic in reality as it does in your head. Quick cuts, fantastically composed visual snippets and a heap of classical art all coalesce into something that's just the right side of pretentious to really inflate a young man's ego.

Ill Studio:

"[The video focuses on] that specific time of life when you imagine being a more amplified version of yourself: more rebellious, more muscular, more dangerous, more experienced, more good looking, etc. But you are in fact a completely normal teenager in a normal world." (via i-D)

PRO Credits


DirectorIll Studio
ProducerClémence Cuvelier
Line ProducerFrancois Larpin
Director of PhotographyRaphaël Vanderbussche
Set designAnna Brun
Stylistmarion brillouet
EditorRoxane Faure Huet

Luke Bather - 7th June 2017

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