Cat Velez - 13th Feb 2017

London-based producer William Arcane ventures out on a beautiful, solitary journey across the British South West coastline for Chariot (Reverie) by photographer and director Pete Davies. 

Pete's undeniable photographic sensibility comes to the fore here, capturing the Dartmoor and the North Devon coastline in singularly expressive ways. The video leads us on a wayfaring voyage through old ruins, green matted cliffsides, and a lonely lighthouse in the distance, resulting in a pure and solemn accompaniment to Arcane's deeply personal track.


"The film is a metaphorical projection of William’s journey; from where he was at the time writing the material to a point where he has now released the EP. We, in turn, have shared in his raw and moving sentiment. Dartmoor and the North Devon coastline are beautiful parts of the world and serve as an incredible canvas for William's journey towards the release of this deeply personal work.

"The eerie atmosphere, sparseness and loneliness of the moors underlines the mood of the video. I’d love to explore remote parts of the British landscape more in future projects." 


DirectorPete Davies
ProducerPete Davies
Director of PhotographySimon Lakos
EditorEd Hanbury
Editing companyTrim Editing
ColouristPhilip Hambi
Grading companyMPC
Director's RepresentationPaul McKee at LOOSE JOINTS
Other creditsBest Boy : Tom Davies

Cat Velez - 13th Feb 2017

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