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Khruangbin 'Two Fish And An Elephant' by Scott Dungate

Khruangbin 'Two Fish And An Elephant' by Scott Dungate

Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2016

Genre-blending Texas funk Trio Khruangbin have released this beautifully cinematic, Tarantino-inspired short for Two Fish And An Elephant.

Largely financed by fans through crowd-funding website Kickstarter, the video follows Two Fish, a bow-and-arrow wielding young woman as she can't help but return to the scene of a massacre she has just committed. Led by a string around her finger, she walks back through the piles of bodies until she is standing in front of the Elephant, managing to find peace and closure with one last dance.

Good friend of the band, Scott Dungate, made this strong directorial debut in collaboration with Somesuch and Wieden+Kennedy, with additional support from The Mill post production, Trim editing and Factory sound design all contributing time and resource to make the video possible.


"I’ve always found the music of Khruangbin very cinematic, as if lifted from a film score. Working with the band, I really enjoyed working out a visual narrative to fit the highs and lows of the song. It’s a beautiful song but it’s also more complex than that.

"I wanted a story that also acknowledged the tracks moments of haunting and melancholy. That’s how we came up with this idea of a break-up, moving on and one last dance. While it was the first film I’ve directed, I was fortunate to be surrounded by some great people who were generous and patient with their time and talent."

Watch 'Khruangbin 'Two Fish And An Elephant' by Scott Dungate' here

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Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2016


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Scott Dungate
Tom Gardner
Production Company
Executive Producer
Tim Nash
Executive Producer
Sally Campbell
Production Manager
Elly Camisa


Director of Photography
Jackson Hunt
2nd AC
Eira Wyn Jones


Phil Penfold


Production designer
Sam Tidman


Costume designer
Gleb Ignatov
Gaby Winwood


Casting director
Leanne Flinn


Paul Hardcastle
Sound design


Head of Music Video
Hannah Turnbull-Walter
Alexandra Green
Location Manager
Thomas Gale

Other credits

Head of Content

Sarah Pearson

Kickstarter Social Strategist

Rob Meldrum

Kickstarter Video and Stills

Dan Smith

Kickstarter Story Board Illustrator

Hiro Enoki


Heidi Atwal and Lucy Murray Wills

Post Shoot Supervisor: Gareth Brannan, Liz Mitchell, Sal Wilson    

2D Lead Artist

Gareth Brannan, Sal Wilson, Warren Gebhardt

2D Artists

Jeanette Eiternes

3D Artists

Philip Maddock, Nico Domerego, Vicky McIntyre, Pavel Mamichev

Matte Painting: Aurelien Ronceray   

Colourist: James Bamford 

Post Producer

George Reid

Supervising Sound Editor

Anthony Moore

Sound Designer

Jon Clarke

Re-recording Mixers

Jon Clarke and Anthony Moore

Sound Producer

Lou Allen

Wieden + Kennedy Executive Producer

Danielle Stewart

Art Direction and Titles

Cal Al-Jorani

Motion Graphics

Jon Harris

BTS and Stills Photographer

Ben Hutton

Two Fish

Chihiro Kawasaki

The Elephant

Hugo Luck

Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2016

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