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Frenship & Emily Warren 'Capsize' by Andrew Donoho

Luke Bather - 16th Sept 2016

Andrew Donoho's video for friendship is a gorgeously choreographed miracle.

Two characters stand at opposite ends of a lake before simultaneously walking on water and dancing with incredible synchronicity. The setting is stunning, and the natural golden light only enhances the magical atmosphere. The use of practical effects here really pays off here as the characters are able to play off one another in a way you just couldn't do on a greenscreen.


"Frenship manages to capture a very complex duality in "Capsize": Sonically the song has such a sense of joy and celebration, but the tone is dripping with longing and isolation.

"Building visuals for a contradiction like this was an exciting challenge. I attempted to embrace the song's conflicting themes by braiding together the tangible emotion of dance with the visual metaphor of walking over an isolated body of water to tell a simple human story about rekindling a former love.

"We tried to keep the effect as practical as possible by building a transparent platform just an inch below the water. We didn't want wires, greenscreen or CG to hinder the connection between the dancers or create any kind of emotional barrier during the performance. The dancers spent most of the day on the platform, in the center of a lake, totally isolated from the crew and the rest of production, which ended up adding a very interesting character layer and injected that tiny bit of visceral naturalism that makes these performances so compelling. These fine details combined with our absolutely incredible team allowed us to build something genuinely special. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we did making it!"

Luke Bather - 16th Sept 2016


  • Choreography
  • Director's notes

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Andrew Donoho
Cameron Boling
Production Company
Executive Producer
Kimberly Stuckwisch
Executive Producer
Ian Blair
Production Manager
David Swinburne
1st AD
Brock Hanson


Director of Photography
Boyd Hobbs
2nd AC
Peter Johnston


Art Director
John Hair


Hair & Make-up
Jessica Craig
Hannah Johnson


John Peterson
Colour grade company


Director's Representation
OB Management


Saul Levitz

Other credits


Matthew Peacock, Kayla Kalbfleisch

Construction Coordinator

Guy Tustin Jr

Art Assistant

Eric Brown

Luke Bather - 16th Sept 2016

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