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The Beach 'Geronimo' by Greg Barnes - now signed to COMPULSORY

David Knight - 14th June 2016

Greg Barnes, who has now officially signed to COMPULSORY in London for music videos, travelled to Acapulco, Mexico with the artist known as The Beach, to make a documentary around the locals who famously dive from high rocks into the sea below.

Along with fusing a performance from the artist, the video focuses on the process of undertaking life-threatening dives everyday by a close-knit group of highly committed young daredevils. And it's also a highly appropriate theme for a song called Geronimo. 

Greg Barnes, who is based in London, has worked with clients such as Wonderland, Red Bull and Vice. His first collaboration with COMPULSORY was his video for HAUS's Haze last year.


"We shot the video over a chaotic couple of days in Acapulco, Mexico; where a cool-box of waters and a parasol became crucial kit to schlep up and down the cliffs. It wasn’t until we were peering over the cliff’s edge that the sheer risk of the dives hit, a daily routine for the divers, who are deservedly revered as rock stars in the city.

"Patience was a virtue, as we waited with the guys for just the right amount of wave as it approached the cove - without the extra depth afforded by the swell, the water would simply be too shallow to survive the jump. Supposedly the first diver to attempt this broke his arm and never jumped again. Needless to say our amazing DP, Guillermo Garza had to wear a bungee cord anchoring him to the clifftop when getting the vertigo-inducing, over-the-edge shots.

"We couldn’t have asked for a better crew, and the people of Acapulco welcomed us kindly. I feel Mexico might find it’s way into a few future treatments, it was quite an experience."

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David Knight - 14th June 2016


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Greg Barnes
Verity Oswin
Production Company
Executive Producer
Kiran Mandla
Production Manager
Cathia Cuevas
1st AD
Pierre Lister


Director of Photography
Guillermo Garza
Focus Puller
Alex Arballo


Art Director
Jeffrey Perez


Evelyn Corona


Kiran Mandla
Editing company


Julien Biard
Colour grade company


Post Producer
Charles Gillett


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David Knight - 14th June 2016

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