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Mind Enterprises 'Chapita' by Eran Amir

Luke Bather - 25th May 2016

Nexus Productions have catapulted their way into the world of VR with this looping and surrealist visual experience lead by director Eran Amir.

The 360-degree clip for Chapita by Mind Enterprises uses dancer and choreographer Mimi Jeong over and over again - she seemingly replicated an infinite number of times as the song progresses, performing various small visual tasks that seem to loop impossibly. It's a clever and fun video that houses plenty of visual treats no matter where you look. And believe me, there are a lot of places to look.

Whilst there's a hell of a lot going on, the video still retains a minimalist aesthetic - which is good because a) it looks great and b) it helps to make sense of the growing mass of Mimis as they spawn all over the place. I'd urge you to watch this video on your VR headset or your phone rather than a computer so you can get the full 360 experience (although if you're anything like me you might find yourself dancing around your office whislt watching it, trying to take it all in).


"It was a real privilege to work with the unbelievably talented team at Nexus. We were both challenged and excited by exploring the possibilities of 360 video, which is in many ways still uncharted territory.

"Although it was a very technical and complex project, our main guideline was keeping everything as "real" as possible. Jane Third at Because Music gave us a fantastic opportunity and free rein to create a visual experience. Together with the team we created a symbolic world of loops, clones, and repetitions, which compliments the themes of Mind Enterprises' song."

Luke Bather - 25th May 2016


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Interactive
  • Surreal
  • VFX

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Eran Amir
Beccy McCray
Production Company
Nexus VR Studio
Production Company
Nexus Productions
Executive Producer
Luke Ritchie
1st AD
Thomas Cullen


Director of Photography
Martin Testar


Art Director
Alice Wigley
Production Assistant
Lily Roberts
Art Department Assistant
Kat Hawker


Christina Aranda
Hair & Make-up
Shauna Taggart


Mimi Jeong


Oisín O'Driscoll
Colour grade company
The Mill


Post production company
Nexus VR Studio

Other credits

Tech Director / VR Artist

Elliot Kajdan

Roto & Comp

Arnaud Dumeyni, Chieka Ononye, Jevgeniy Rachevsky

Studio Manager

Natalie Busuttil

With thanks to

Ronford Baker and Martin Testar

Luke Bather - 25th May 2016

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