Cat Velez - 8th Mar 2016

Ambroise Willaume aka SAGE, ex-vocalist of French pop rock band Revolver, has released this slice of surreal Magritte-esque imagery for his single August In Paris directed by Thibaut Grevet. 

Its a very stylish and striking proposition, which pairs moving, disembodies pairs of legs atop angular, modern buildings. All manner of these long, anonymous limbs - mannequin legs, marching legs, bare legs, golden legs - dance to the staccatoed beats, taking over the artist's mind as we follow him through lonesome, modern spaces. 

The mysterious clip - which never reveals Ambroise's face - ends with a striking swell of endless marching legs, with the artist leading the way.

A mesmerising tour de force by Grevet, whose work includes films for Vans and Red Bull, and Easy Rider - a riveting short profile of photographer and motocross fanatic Dimitri Coste.


DirectorThibaut Grevet
Executive ProducerJulie Mathieu
Production CompanyFrenzy Paris
CommissionerPierre Le Ny
Director of PhotographyAxel Cosnefroy
Line ProducerElsa Rodach
Production AssistantEvan Djenki
ChoreographerFanny Sage
EditorMaxime Pozzi-Garcia
SFX SupervisorGuillaume Ho
Post production companyMikros Image
Special ThanksVilla Noailles
Special ThanksCofrad Mannequin

Cat Velez - 8th Mar 2016

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