Cat Velez - 18th Feb 2016

Jean-Marie Marbach's out-there video for Argentinian group Modular's Fiebre En La Disco is a homage to Cosmic Disco, with retro-futuristic twist. 

The scenario is an otherworldy game show - in a disco, natch – where a dance-off between glamorous women in sequined bodysuits is supervised by a cyborg with the TV screen head of bandmember Pablo Dahy and bandmate Mariana Badaracco - who then eliminate the contestants, one by one, in a 'poof' of stardust. 

Then, when three contestants are left standing, round two begins.... with the ladies shooting lazers at each other using rings they punched out of disco balls. Yup... it's a strange one, and it just keeps getting weirder... 


DirectorJean-Marie Marbach
Director of PhotographyVeronique Billaux Leclerc
Hair & Make-upElodie Millon
Hair & Make-upElodie Guenest
EditorPhilippe Negre
VFXJM Sebastian
LabelElefant Records

Cat Velez - 18th Feb 2016

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