David Knight - 4th Feb 2016

Alcatrz sought out Vasilisa Forbes to make the video for F Your Feelings after seeing her #waxchick series, a billboard story across various global cities which comments on the role of women in advertising. 

The aim was to create a story parodying the often misogynistic culture of contemporary pop and rap, and Vasilisa herself parodies the sexualised 'video hunny' with relish. And with a lot of dildos...


DirectorVasilisa Forbes
Production CompanyFirst Films
Executive ProducerVasilisa Forbes
Production ManagerKyson East
1st ADStefano Tate
Director of PhotographyJoseph Gainsborough
GafferJason Mortorell
Art DirectorStefano Tate
WardrobeLucy Upton-Prowse
HairMj Gotidoc At High Content
Make-upMj Gotidoc At High Content
EditorVasilisa Forbes
Editing companyFirst Films
ColouristVasilisa Forbes
Post production companyFirst Films
Lead actorAlcatrz, Vasilisa Forbes, Rumbii Mufunde
Director's RepresentationFirst Films
LabelDigital Pop

David Knight - 4th Feb 2016

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