Cat Velez - 21st Jan 2016

Canadian filmmaker Jonathan Desbiens aka Jodeb has directed this intense, increasingly disturbing short film and music video for French producer Point Point's Life In Grey. 

Posturing at first as a dance film, or perhaps a love story between a dance tutor and her student - its beautifully shot by Kristof Brandl in the fashionable 1:1 ratio – Life In Grey soon turns into a story of darkness and horror that can make a viewer jaw-clenchingly queasy.

The film starts with a dance rehearsal where a young, lynx-eyed dance teacher attends closely over a group of limber female dancers. Then it cuts to the whole group, including the teacher, bonding at a lakeside house, and the teacher's role in the subsequent partying revealing her as a sexual predator. But what happens next is a shock - the teacher has planned a spectacular choreography of death, using the girls as her peons. 

Not so much blurring as removing the lines of what's real and what's imagined, its a notable change of style from Jodeb's previous music video work. He told i-D, "[It's] a narrative about the Y generation, about how people can become desperate about creating the perfect piece of work, the ultimate fulfillment in the eyes of others. The obsession of a promised, expected fulfilling life."


ProducerVlad Cojocaru
Director of PhotographyKristof Brandl
Production CompanyVision Film Co
Production CompanyAntler Films
Executive ProducerGeoff McLean
Executive ProducerStacy Vaughan
CommissionerKevin Kloecker
Other creditsAmy: Amy Gardner Victoria: Victoria Diamond Dancer 1: Jasmina Parent Dancer 2: Brittany Fine Dancer 3: Laurie-Ann Lauzon Dancer 4: Miranda Chan Dancer 5: Sarah Steban Dancer 6: Catherine Degenais Dancer 7: Shanie Blais

Cat Velez - 21st Jan 2016

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