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Tweaks 'Sisters' by Jacob Hopewell

Tweaks 'Sisters' by Jacob Hopewell

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015

This very well-crafted and resourceful piece by Jacob Hopewell for Tweak's track Sisters expresses a lot with very little. Here's a young man with an obsession, and a way with masks and tape. But his behaviour is part of a bigger picture. 

The editing is fluid and well paced with the music, but kept tight, driving the story steadily forward by following one poignant shot with the next. It's also visually striking – and strikingly well performed. In Hopewell's own words, the use of effective use of low, wide shots "to compliment the alienated feeling or our lead male," packing the video with a real emotional punch. Impressive stuff.


"Tweaks originally approached me with an idea of a lead character smashing up mannequins in a warehouse that represented their past/demons and which they are trying to escape from. I took this concept and built a narrative around it that focussed more within a family context, the pain being caused by a depressed father who has not dealt with the loss of his wife. He has totally withdrawn from his son and as a result the son is dealing with it within is his own unique way; attempting to make sense of something that he cannot talk or express himself about. 

"The lyrics evoked a sense of longing for the feminine ’Sisters’ and without the female touch, the result is the idiosyncratic almost schizophrenic outcome in how the son has tried to deal with it. Tweaks play the role of the supernatural, referencing Wings of Desire they bring the dead back to life in order to give hope in the darkest hour or time of need.

"We shoot this in an unconventional way, taking reference from Mr. Robot - focussing in on low, wide angle shots to compliment the alienated feeling or our lead male."

Watch 'Tweaks 'Sisters' by Jacob Hopewell' here

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015


  • Drama
  • Narrative
  • Alternative
  • Electronic
  • Loss
  • Tragedy

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Jacob Hopewell
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Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Ewan Sadler
Josh Brooks


Sarah Jones
Eleanor Hart


Jacob Hopewell


Arthur Graham-Maw
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Emanate Studios


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Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015

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