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Of Monsters And Men 'Empire' by Tabitha Denholm

Of Monsters And Men 'Empire' by Tabitha Denholm

Cat Velez - 7th Aug 2015

Of Monsters And Men's new video for Empire from their second record Beneath The Skin tells quite an unconventional love story between two women with a significant difference in age.

Director Tabitha Denholm explained, "Some of the inspiration came from the ultimate May - December relationship Harold and Maude. In that story the older character has the younger spirit. Her closeness to death has made her more alive so that her child-like wanderlust reinvigorates the jaded youngster. I wanted to mirror that - challenging the convention of age vs. youth. In our story the charismatic older lady sets the younger alight with her vital spirit culminating in a transformative moment of love."


"I am interested in showing relationships and stories about women that we don’t usually get to see in music videos so when OMAN said they wanted to make a video about a forbidden relationship I was immediately excited!

"From the inception I had Erika Linder in mind. You can say she has modelled as a boy and a girl but foremost she is just Erika. The way she exists beyond convention mades her perfect for this project - not to mention the fact she is striking on screen with her luminescent skin.

"Then the moment i saw a picture of Ingmari Lamy I knew she had that magnetic quality it would take to make the relationship believable. She was a big model in the 60s and had recently come out of retirement. Coincidentally we had to fly both ladies in from Sweden - although it took a while to track Ingmari down because she was at a retreat with no communication with the outside! There is something timeless about that Swedish aesthetic that helped to sell the idea that the characters were deeply connected."

Watch 'Of Monsters And Men 'Empire' by Tabitha Denholm' here

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Cat Velez - 7th Aug 2015


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  • Drama
  • Narrative
  • Indie Folk
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Tabitha Denholm
Raffi Adlan
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jeff Pantaleo


Director of Photography
Starr Whitesides


Art Director
JC Molina


Jarrett Fijal


Kevin Kim


Kevin Kim


Kate Miller

Cat Velez - 7th Aug 2015

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