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Travie McCoy feat. Sia 'Golden' by Leblanc + Cudmore

Cat Velez - 17th June 2015

After a prolific run of videos for everyone from Alt-J and Belle & Sebastian to Metz and Spoon, Michael Leblanc and Scott Cudmore have now stepped boldly away from their roots in indie rock, turning their attention to Gym Class Heroes' singer/rapper Travie McCoy's track Golden - featuring the soaring vocals of Sia.

But despite this change of musical direction this retains defining characteristics of a Leblanc + Cudmore video, with its flowing camerawork and its taste for mild surrealism. Shot in the desert outside LA, the Godard-infuenced video sees McCoy stuck in a traffic jam in the desert, and finding that everyone is making the most of it, apart from him - and then going round all over again...


"The general idea was inspired by Godard’s film Weekend which features a very famous tracking shot of a traffic jam in the French countryside... Obviously this is a pop video so it goes in a much different direction, but that was the genesis - being stuck in a never-ending traffic jam. And then the loop idea is an extension of that feeling.

"We hadn’t really made a pop/hip hop video before, so this was pretty new to us actually, but the approach was the same: just to try to do something unique and that didn’t feel like a traditional video."

Cat Velez - 17th June 2015


  • Surreal
  • VFX
  • Hip Hop, Pop

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Leblanc + Cudmore
Brian Welsh
Production Company
Executive Producer
Brian Welsh
Executive Producer
Jonathan Lia
Executive Producer
Lock It In


Director of Photography
Michael Leblanc
Ari Robbins


Key Grip
Julien Janigo


Michael Leblanc


Director's Representation
Lock It In


Production Supervisor
Lauren Simpson

Cat Velez - 17th June 2015

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