Cat Velez - 17th June 2015

From Paris/Montreal-based directing collective Dent de Cuir - creators of the brilliant video for DyE's She's Bad last year – now comes this stunning video for Darwin Deez's Kill Your Attitude, the hotly anticipated first release from the indie pop songsmith's new album.

Inspired by the song’s lyrical theme of “love is war”, the video has been turned into an absolute visual masterpiece, in which Darwin is unknowingly immersed in a 'first person shooter' game arena.

Our hapless hero finds himself being hunted down by his better half for all those small things you do in a relationship that start to annoy: hogging the duvet cover, emptying the fridge, ever buying food, and not doing the washing up...

To achieve this Dent De Cuir and Ruffian Post constructed an original video game world for Darwin to be dropped into. It's almost certainly the first time this has been done in a pop video - and Dent de Cuir explain below how it was done.


“We thought it was interesting to design an FPS video game and use it as a narrative canvas to speak about little wars which occur during the lifespan of a relationship. Our original idea was to use video game footage and mash it up with in-camera footage, but very early on in the research phase we had a conversationwith the lovely team at Ruffian, our post house for the project, who suggested Unity, a cross-platform game engine.

"Two hours later we had the software up and running, and were doing location scouting in digital environments. Ruffian were crazy enough to jump into the idea of creating a custom video game to sit Darwin Deez in and just play with it. 

"As directors, it was a privilege to work without any real constraints. Want 40 helicopters and a 324 member swat team storming in? You got it!”

PRO Credits


DirectorDent de Cuir
CommissionerStephen Richards
Executive ProducerOre Okonedo
ProducerRohan Scully
Production AssistantTom Ralph
Production CompanyCaviar
Director of PhotographyAlexandre Icovic
Post production companyRuffian Post
VFX DirectorChristopher Watson-Wood
Executive ProducerAmanda Jones
EditorHarry Davidson
VFXToby Williams-Ellis
CommissionerStephen Richards
LabelLucky Number Music
Other creditsBTS DIRECTOR: Jack Tew

Cat Velez - 17th June 2015

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