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Hook N Sling ft. Far East Movement 'Break Yourself' by Nelson de Castro and Carlos Lopez Estrada

Cat Velez - 12th May 2015

Nelson de Castro and Carlos Lopez Estrada, both highly successful music video directors in their own right, have paired up to create this excellent video for Hook N Sling's Break Yourself. And it's a match made in heaven - or at least somewhere shrouded in fog... 

Out of the misty gloom, we travel back and forth up the centre aisle of a bus - initially a typical high school bus into which a boy climbs aboard and faces that age-old qualm about who to sit next to. Like something out of the Twilight Zone, this action is repeated with the lad encountering an ever-changing cast of passengers, and variations on previous groups, including possessed children with red, glowing eyes, rowdy jocks and cheerleaders headed to a game, and a church congregation complete with priest and thurifer. The dreamlike sequences also includes a carcrash, treated with the same degree of lighthearted absurdity, leading straight into the next sequence as if nothing happened.

It's an auspicious first collaboration between the two directors - and they also now have a new Vimeo account 'Nelson y Carlos'. An indication that there's more collaborations to come, perhaps? 


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Cat Velez - 12th May 2015


  • Surreal
  • VFX

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Nelson De Castro
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Zach Wechter
Production Company
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Production Manager
Jocelyn Webber
Production Coordinator
Alissa Torvinen
1st AD
Genghis Jorgensen


Director of Photography
Niko Wiesnet


Production designer
Britt Keller


Jordy Scheinberg


Taylor Brusky

Cat Velez - 12th May 2015

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