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Don Broco 'Money Power Fame' by Joe Connor

Jimmy Brown - 9th Dec 2014

Joe Connor harnesses the live power and full-on energy of Don Broco as he explores the themes expressed within the lyric of their blistering Money Power Fame single.

Marrying a very muscular band performance beautifully shot by DP James Henry with model Melissa Mae dripping in furs and surrounded by fluttering bank notes...


"Nothing feels better then getting the chance to blow up you’re bosses car and thats exactly the type of ridiculousness that is completely acceptable at Chief.

"I met with the band a few times and we spoke about trying to capture both the relentless energy that they display live and also mixing that with the idea of the ostentatious opulence that comes with money power and fame.  The thing about those words though is that  more often then not they are fake constructs that don’t necessarily lead to a fulfilling existence, it a game, a rat race in some ways which can also become corruptible and lead to your own destruction.  Hence why all these images that represent Money Power and Fame end up disintegrating and combusting leaving the band alone at the end. 

"Stylistically I took loads of influence from the late 90’s early 00’s performance videos when the energy was at it’s peak, mixing a kind of hybrid hip hop way of shooting with a British rock band in this strange setting which gave some really interesting results.  Plus I blew my bosses Jaguar 100ft in the air with a fire ball that resulted in a visit from the police (please note : all Jaguars that appeared in this film were harmed) I think that a testament to Colin Offland, the MD of Chief, he’s a great producer who believes in his directors enough to let them trash his property so cheers Col…..what else you got? 

"All in all it’s got a bucket load of energy, beautiful shots and that grade by George K is crazy good - the best in the biz".

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Jimmy Brown - 9th Dec 2014


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Nick Crossley
Production Company
Chief Productions
1st AD
Andrew Potter


Director of Photography
James Henry
Focus Puller
Esther Vardy
Camera Assistant
Carl Noble


Production Assistant
Kate Brady
Art Department Assistant
Michael Harry


Hair & Make-up
Brooke Wylie


Lead actor
Melissa Mae


George K


Director's Representation


Location Manager
Mike Higson
Octocopter Pilot
Chris Loughlin
Octocopter Camera
Steve Benson
Octocopter Tech Assistant
Mike Percy
SFX Supervisor
Sam Hall, Alan Horsfield
Art Department
Claire Molloy
Make-up Assistant
Gordon Chappels
Camera Operator B
James/Rolling Vision
Ian McLaughlin

Jimmy Brown - 9th Dec 2014

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