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Tiga 'Bugatti' by Helmi

Elena Argiros - 30th Oct 2014

The minimalist electronica and deadpan wit of Tiga's Bugatti has inspired a brilliant video by Helmi - driven by the rhythms of the track, witty, sexy, and the complete opposite of minimalist. The inspirations are essentially, 80s surrealism (particularly the album cover design of Hipgnosis) and alpine sports, conflated into a stream of imagery that offers up more things each time you watch it. Great stuff - and we had a little chat about it, and other stuff, with Helmi...   

PROMO: The Bugatti promo is wonderfully surreal and provocative.  What inspired it?

HELMI: Merci. The Bugatti music video was inspired by Tiga, love for the 80’s and the new wave. I love working within the universe of the artist so I began to read and watch everything I could on this period as well as the references. It's more «pop» culture than a specific period. I took inspiration from everything I found cool. For me it's one of the most interesting parts of the job and of course the internet help’s a lot. ;) 

You’ve already developed a unique style which is apparent in all four of the videos you've made at Division in Paris. Who/what have your influences been so far?

My influences are all the 90’s music videos I watched as kid. That's what makes me want to make music videos. All the Gondry, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham... All these masters have influenced me!

What do you hope to achieve over the next year?  What are you currently working on?

My prospects for the next two years.... To just have more and more fun on each project and meet new cool people. I’m writing and testing new concepts but if «I tell you I have to kill you...» :)  

Your ideas are fresh and contemporary - so do you feel frustrated that some artists/labels are more inclined to ‘play it safe’ with their choice of videos?  Has this affected your work?

I’m not frustrated with my ideas. People are always waiting for new things and sometimes its a good time and sometimes you are too early or even too late. I don’t feel any pressure by the label or artist if they don’t like an idea. I can’t force them but I have to find a better way to sell my ideas. It’s amazing when you are on the same page as an artist. This is what happened with Tiga. It was just perfect to work like this...

Is there a particular musician/artist you want to work with soon?

I would love to work with Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Notorious BIG, 2-Pac, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, Elton John... But more seriously I would love to work with top charts artist like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Daft Punk, Kanye West. Maybe one day! I’m listening to a lot of The Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus... The only important thing  for me is if I like the music then I'll do it, no matter the artist. Except one... ;) 

Has there been a director who's work you've particularly admired this year?  What’s your favorite video of the last twelve months?

«Movement» by Fleur&Manu and also «CHANDELIER» by Daniel Askill and Sia. They are the kind of videos I can watch and watch again from this last twelve months. 

Can I just add this big thank you to all the DVSN familly, and all the crew who work on this project. :) 

Elena Argiros - 30th Oct 2014


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Jules de Chateleux
Roman Pichon Herrera
Line Producer
Francois Lebourg
Production Company
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Marie Le Grevellec


Director of Photography
Nicolas Loir


Production designer
Ana Brun


Nicolas Larrouquere


Post production company
Home Digital Pictures
Post Producer
Najat Younsi


John Moule

Elena Argiros - 30th Oct 2014

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