David Knight - 13th Oct 2014

In James Moore's ambitious and entertaining video for Catfish & The Bottlemen's Pacifier, the band are involved in football's version of Fight Club - an underground football match, where serious foul play is all part of the not-so-beautiful game. Surely they don't stand a chance against that bunch of thugs...?

And what's going on on the bench is just as interesting as what's happening on the pitch. With inspired casting, the Catfish boys manager is none other than 'Lammo' - 6Music legend Steve Lamacq. And the bad boys' manager is also a bit of a legend - Universal executive and occasional video commissioner, Bob Brimson.

Steve and Bob's antagonistic, chalk-and-cheese chemistry – Lammo all zen calm, Bob like Roy Keane with toothache – is one of the big reasons why this is a lot of fun... 


"A high-stakes backstreet football game turns bloody for the Catfish boys as they take on a team of tasty geezers.

"Van from the band wanted do a video based around a football game involving a team of rock n' rollers. We settled on a modern day reworking of the age old mods versus rockers battle complete with a dark, visceral and dirty aesthetic. Football as Fight Club if you will. 

"To that aim, we used a really great makeup effects professional to work on the wounds and brought in a couple of stunt men to help with the staged violence. They padded up the boys where needed and taught them how to take a punch and sell a fall. 

"The roles of both team managers were crucial. After a good deal of searching,  the commissioner at Island offered up Universal's finance guru Bob Brimson as the manager of the tasty geezer team and the band somehow managed to convince Steve Lamacq to step in as their manager during a session they did on his 6 Music show. 

"We shot in an old warehouse deep in the heart of Essex, nestled in the shadows of what can only be described as a nip, tuck, lips, boobs and bum cosmetic hospital."


DirectorJames Moore
ProducerKen Petrie
Production CompanySpicer&Moore
Director of PhotographyJonas Mortensen
GafferLee Parfitt
ColouristDuncan Russell
Grading companyGlassworks
Director's Rep (UK)Lock It In
LabelIsland Records
CommissionerNatalia Maus
Other creditsCast: Steve Lamacq, Bob Brimson, David Elliot, Andy Gibbins, Agon Rexha, Fabio Santos, Shaun Andrews

David Knight - 13th Oct 2014

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