Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2014

Nelson De Castro - winner of Saatchi & Saatchi's OK Go Video Challenge in 2013 - delivers a forever-zooming in and out promo for Digitalism and Youngblood Hawke's pulsating Wolves track.

In perfect sync with the beat, Nelson's video for the German duo hypnotises the viewer with his focus-pulling technique centred on a bunch of youths out in the city at night...

PRO Credits


DirectorNelson De Castro
ProducerSarah Lawson
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Director of PhotographyDan Chen
WardrobeCici Hoggard
HairJoanne Adolfo
Make-upJoanne Adolfo
EditorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ColouristNick Sanders
VFXRoboshobo, Alexander Gao
Lead actorMichael Coursey, Nichole Bloom, Carlos Lopez Estrada
Lead actorZora Ellis Susan Cernas, Josselyn O'neill, Deesil, Jacqueline Besson, Kace
Camera AssistantDan Marino
Camera AssistantNaveen Chaubal
Production AssistantTravis Cultreri
Production AssistantAshley Cook
Production AssistantAaron Trujillo
Special ThanksCarlos Lopez Estrada
CommissionerBenedict Cooper

Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2014

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