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Mumbai Science 'Déja Vu' by Ehsan B.

Mumbai Science 'Déja Vu' by Ehsan B.

David Knight - 24th Apr 2014

As you may have noticed, this guy is a bit different. And having a face like a hanging basket is seriously getting him down. Especially when he gets the weed-killer treatment from a girl he likes.

Ehsan B's very watchable video for Mumbai Science's Déja Vu combines fantasy with gritty psycho-drama, as this herbaciously-challenged anti-hero tears up around East London, taking out his anger-management issues on the local populace, from street market goons to Porsche drivers - and then scores some 'fertiliser'.

He's quite a character, and Ehsan's done a great job. Or grape job...


"We follow our grape-faced dude letting off some steam, creating a bit of a stir with every corner he takes. Misunderstood or a bit of menace - even though his actions prove otherwise he refuses to believe he’s a monster - if only someone would take the time to understand him!

"The idea behind Deja Vu was centered around injecting a little mayhem into the mundane. An off-the-cuff semi-improvised story centered around an odd-ball dude with a beautiful deformation, good intentions but a bad attitude. We interpreted the track as a feeling of letting go and losing self-control - even if that meant getting into trouble (over and over again).  

"Our heartbroken, misfit is just pushed too far - the unsuspecting passers by have no idea what hit them as 'beauty and the beast' hits Ridley Road market on a whirl-wind of fast cars, fights and ‘fertilizer’ - someone is bound to wake up with a headache!"

Watch 'Mumbai Science 'Déja Vu' by Ehsan B.' here

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David Knight - 24th Apr 2014


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Ehsan B.
Melodie Roulaud
Production Company
Wanda Productions
Executive Producer
Celine Roubaud
Production Coordinator
Luke Preston
1st AD
Caleb Wissun Bhide


Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs (DoP)
Focus Puller
Chris McGaughey
2nd AC
Paul Mauray


Costume designer
Jessica Dance


Sam Ostrove
Editing company
Sound design
Sam Robson @ Factory


Houmam Abdallah


Post Producer
James Drew


Tim Beuckels
Lektroluv / N.E.W.S


Production Assistant
Douce Ogier d’Ivry
Daniel Turner
Lucile Bornot
Artist management
Vincent de Boeck

Other credits


Graham Dickson

Dream Girl

Louise Williams

Woman in the street

Abigail Drummond

Elderly Man

Peter Pickering

Security Guard

Martins Imhangbe

Drug Dealer

Edwin De La Renta

Rube boy 1

Luke Preston

Rube boy 2

Ayoola O.Ogunrekun

Rude boy 3

Kenneth Okisor

Sound design Producer

Jack Hallett

Sound designer (monster voice)

Toby Thirling

Special thanks to Eldica shop, Dalston Costa caffe, Liam Campling, Hackney Gazette, Rio cinéma, Factory and all the lovely people of Dalston.

David Knight - 24th Apr 2014

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