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Duke Dumont ft Jax Jones 'I Got U' by Remy Cayuela

David Knight - 24th Feb 2014

The unfortunate guy with the internal boombox in the massive video for Duke Dumont's Need U (100%), is back in the new video for the Duke's new single I Got U, directed by Remy Cayuela. And this time, he's having a far more enjoyable experience with technology. 

In fact, the virtual reality headset that arrives in the post, sends him on a trip to Paradise - and lots of fun with lots of girls. We get to experience it all too, from his POV, thanks to Remy, DoP Ben Fordesman, and crew, heading out to the jawdropping beaches of Thailand to shoot this, using a helmet rig designed by Ben and his team. 

Well, it's tough work creating a fantasy, but someone had to do it... 

Remy Cayuela:

"While looking for an idea for this track, I was in my office in Paris watching the wintery grey skies. I was listening this very cool summery track and simply wondering that question: when you're working and stuck in the winter what are the alternatives you have to escape?

"Obviously, there weren't any, so I imagined a sort of sci-fi device based on an augmented reality allowing people to travel, to escape for a shot of sun and fun and to experience things without moving. A sort of holiday pack condensed.

"The concept was to follow the character experience only from a first person perspective, immersing the viewer into this fantasy world, as if he was experimenting himself the device. That was one of the most challenging bit of the project, to be able to shoot a POV with lots of action going on.

"Ben Fordesman, our talented DoP on the job, worked with his team to come with an excellent helmet rig, allowing him to operate with free hands. In a way, this video is a simply a way to say 'Summer is coming!'"

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David Knight - 24th Feb 2014


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Rémy Cayuela
Joe Walker
Pattaya Benjavari
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jean Alexandre-Luciani


Director of Photography
Ben Fordesman
Focus Puller
Ed Tucker


Dom Aronin


Art Director
Helen Mearns


Sian Duke


Edouard Mailaender


Paul Harrison


Director's Rep (UK)


James Hackett
Virgin EMI


Production Services
Isis Films
Location Manager
Kittipat Boonvanno
Sound Mix
Guillaume Couturier

David Knight - 24th Feb 2014

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