MØ 'Final Song' by Mister Whitmore

The ruggedly beautiful Trona Pinnacles and Mono Lake in the California Desert National Conservation Area provides a breathtaking backdrop for Mister Whitmore's video …

David Knight - 15th June 2016

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The Promonews Roundup


Jungle 'Julia' by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

After four outstanding videos highlighting the talents of a diverse range of dance performers, here's the fifth and final part of the collaboration between Oliver Hadlee Pearch and …

David Knight - 10th Feb 2015


Jimmy Napes 'Give It Up' by Luke Monaghan

Luke Monaghan takes the subject matter of Rudimental and Sam Smith collaborator Jimmy Napes' solo effort Give It Up as his jumping-off point for a story of a young man in Las Vegas, where …

David Knight - 21st Jan 2015


Chasing Grace 'Free' by Ivan Ogilvie

Ivan Ogilvie takes us to India for the video for Chasing Grace's Free, and an expertly told short story tapping into the eye-opening devotion of a group of boys to kite-flying. Which, it …

David Knight - 10th Feb 2014

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