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Kylie 'Into The Blue' by Dawn Shadforth

Jimmy Brown - 4th Feb 2014

Into the Blue sees the return of the hugely successful collaboration between Kylie Minogue and director Dawn Shadforth.

Dawn's intimate and stylish promo shows Kylie alongside French actor Clement Sibony. With the narrative played out in a variety of formats - DoP Richard Stewart's great work included shooting on the new black and white Alexa, with Mark Adcock's 16mm Bolex as the second camera – we see a very sophisticated Ms Minogue, dressed in Saint Laurent and sunglasses by Bulgari, partying and dressed to kill in London's more upmarket streets...

Dawn Shadforth:

"I love working with Kylie. We go back a long way.  Spinning Around was my first video for her, then Can't Get You Out Of My Head, In Your Eyes, Chocolate and Two Hearts. She is an amazing collaborator and it's always a treat and exciting to work with her.   

"Kylie is an incredible performer, she creates magic in front of the camera, she understands direction immediately and is very intuitive, highly skilled and fearless.  She seems to have be some kind of in-built radar telling her where the camera and the lights are without affecting her performance. Also she is up for shooting on a London streets, in January, at midnight, in not much more than a pair of tights and still be cracking jokes and having a laugh.  If she is excited about creating something, that is what matters to her, and it's infectious.   She makes my job easy.  

"All our previous videos together had been performance led, and I had wanted, for ages, to do something with Kylie that was less about dancing and performance, more about acting and emotion. I wrote the treatment for Into The Blue this way and Kylie really responded.

"The idea for the video was to connect the emotion of the song with a fragmented narrative that played on the lyrics in an ambiguous way.   And so we created this little story of glimpses into the world of a man and woman, a lost weekend, scenes from a film where the context is not quite clear. 

"I wanted to show a bit of soul, a relationship that felt authentic and intimate and a side to Kylie people were not so familiar with.  I had been inspired stylistically by some early John Cassavetes films and wanted to make something with an improvisational style, a fluid camera, and with quite a pure and simple theme about love.  

"We were both very excited to cast the fantastic French actor Clement Sibony and they got on like a house on fire, which made things really easy when it came to improvising."


Jimmy Brown - 4th Feb 2014


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Dawn Shadforth
Leanne Stott
Production Company


Director of Photography
Richard Stewart


Art Director
Alison Dominitz


Lead actor
Clement Sibony


Nick Allix


Jean Clement Soret
Colour grade company


Director's Representation
OB Management


Stefan Demetriou


2nd Unit DoP
Mark Adcock
Special Thanks
Arri Media

Jimmy Brown - 4th Feb 2014

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