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Atoms For Peace 'Before Your Very Eyes' by Andrew Thomas Huang

Atoms For Peace 'Before Your Very Eyes' by Andrew Thomas Huang

David Knight - 21st Oct 2013

Andrew Thomas Huang's impressive talent has earned him a  best new director nomination at next week's UK Music Video Awards 2013 with just a couple of music videos under his belt (although they happen to be for Bjork and Sigur Ros). Now he brings us his third, and takes things to a new level, for Atoms For Peace. Civilizations build and crumble under the shifting sands of Andrew's wholly distinctive universe - a remarkable combination of in-camera and computer effects – with Thom Yorke, as a broken Greek statue at its centre.

Having filmed Thom in LA, live footage and stop frame sets were then re-worked in CG, in order to turn the singer into an Ozymandias-style statue in the desert. Meticulous work was then done in the BlinkInk studio, using specially written VFX programs to cope with Andrew’s vision for the design and animation. 

The result is an eye-melting tour of mountain ranges, crumbling cities, and psychedelic cave systems, to the pulsating sound of Before Your Very Eyes. Awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and enchanting. 


Watch 'Atoms For Peace 'Before Your Very Eyes' by Andrew Thomas Huang' here

David Knight - 21st Oct 2013


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David Knight - 21st Oct 2013

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