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Joel Compass ‘Fucked Up’ by Ryan Patrick

Promonews - 5th June 2013

Rising young British hiphop soul star Joel Compass’s tale of betrayal in Fucked Up is compellingly realised in this fine video by Ryan Patrick, via Doomsday Entertainment.

Joel’s mental body leaves his real one to satisfy his libidinous thoughts for an available female at a party who’s not his girlfriend. It’s delivered in cut-glass clarity, with a hyperreal quality influenced by the photography of Gregory Crewdson. And Ryan was also aware that, after the successful first video for Back To Me by Ian & Cooper, in which he was absent, this was Joel’s debut appearance in a music video.

“Joel is a brand new artist, but the tone of his music feels like he’s developed it over many years. We had to bring him into that world visually. So for his video debut, we wanted to put him in an environment where something supernatural could happen.

“I always thought how weird it would be to be able to watch yourself go about your day. It’s like hearing your voice played back on a recording – very unnerving. The narrative of the video brings that to life. Joel is forced to watch both his past and present play out before him until he realizes what he’s done.

“For the effects shots that open the video, we shot one take, doubled it up on a timeline and reversed one while superimposing it over the other. There was a lot of careful planning on set to make sure we were keeping our roto work at a manageable level. But in the end, I think doing it in a single take without a green screen makes it feel that much more in the moment.

“We wanted it to be very theatrical and used the photography of Gregory Crewdson as our source of inspiration. Tom Banks, the DP, used heavily colored gels on the windows and bounced a lot of our sources inside the house off white cards taped to the ceiling. We wanted it to be surreal.”

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Promonews - 5th June 2013


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Ryan Patrick
Zach Wechter
Ian Blair
Production Company
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde


Director of Photography
Tom Banks


Chris Amos


Dilly Gent
Black Butter Records

Promonews - 5th June 2013

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