David Knight - 11th Mar 2013

Kristoffer has made two videos previously for the excellent Young Dreams - most recently the tale of youth rebellion in the French suburbs for Fog Of War. Now for First Days Of Something, the drama edges more towards the documentary (or drama-doc) area of his short film Whateverest - which is also the Todd Terje video for Inspector Norse. There's even a sort of visual nod to Inspector Norse in this one...

"The story is almost an autobiographical tale of my previous winter, when after a break up I wanted to capture the feeling by forcing myself to listening to one song," explains Kristoffer. "Ed, who plays the part, added another layer to it when we made the story to be about an Australian stuck in Oslo.

"We spent two long days shooting, plus one night out on a club, in the coldest days in January - we had -20 degrees both days - with the involvement and help of a lot of friends, and my production company Bacon. And Ed insisted on listening to the song while we were shooting, making it impossible for me to give him direction. Indie method acting from a non actor..."

PRO Credits


DirectorKristoffer Borgli
Director of PhotographyHåvard Byrkjeland
EditorMikael Svartdahl
Production CompanyBacon OSL
Director's RepresentationFRIEND
ColouristDaniel de Vue
SteadicamStian Olberg

David Knight - 11th Mar 2013

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