Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2011

For Colplay's Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall from their yet untitled fifth album, Mat Whitecross' third promo for the band is this exciting stop motion, graffiti-splattering gem.

Mat explains that this was a production that grew out of a fairly simple idea - but then became a lot more complicated:

"A few weeks ago, the band were doing a photo shoot over at Millennium Mills with Bristol-based graffiti artist Paris, and our photographer mate Sarah Lee. They asked if I'd mind dropping by with a film camera so we could mess around in between set ups.

"Looking at the beautiful artwork Paris and the band were creating on the walls, Chris thought maybe we should just shoot the video for the new single there and then, with him walking through the building and the camera whipping between band and graffiti.

"Never having done it before, I stupidly suggested we come back another day and animate the graffiti using stop motion - so me and Paris shot some test footage that night with a stills camera to show the band how it might look. They were into it straight away, but it wasn't till they gave the go ahead for the video that we realised quite how much work it would involve.

"As usual, what was supposed to be a really simple idea escalated and escalated - and we ended up putting band, crew and artists through hell and back - as well as gallons of paint - to hit the post-Glastonbury deadline, but it was more than worth it. I now have nothing but respect and admiration for animators worldwide - and absolutely no idea how they find the patience and stamina to put together features this way".

Watch 'Coldplay 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' by Mat Whitecross' here

PRO Credits


ProducerHannah Clark
Production CompanyPulse Films
EditorNick Allix @ The Whitehouse
1st ADM
2nd ADChris Burgess
Production ManagerN
SparkAndy Walton, Delroy Burley, Dean Holton, Steve Fitzp
Camera operatorSara Deane
Focus PullerCharlie Herranz
GripAdrian McCarthy
DITMurren Tullett
SoundRoger Cutting
StylistBeth Fenton
Production AssistantK
ColouristJames Tillett
CommissionerJames Hackett

Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2011

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