Jimmy Brown - 25th May 2010

Following their work on Florence & The Machine's Dog Days Are Over which impressed singer Alison Goldfrapp, Legs were asked to submit a script for new single Alive.

"There was no real brief" explain Legs "Goldfrapp wanted dancers, a performance and a narrative. Because the song is so infectiously happy and bright, we knew we had to place it in a dark and demonic world. We took an old, amazing concept that Georgie had about Norwegian Black Metal heads doing aerobics that Geremy reworked it into a narrative mixing Olivia Newton John with rainbow blood sucking sex nymphs and a neon coffin. Alison loved it from the start and was very involved with her look but gave us considerable freedom and trust with all the other elements of the production.

"It was one long shoot day with much mania and magic. The morning was hilarious transforming these very handsome well mannered English boys into leather clad black metal jazzercisers. We tried to get as much in camera as possible. We set many different lighting looks for Alison's stage and were choreographing the lighting changes live while we were shooting, which gave the footage incredible energy. The smoke machines were like Dante's Inferno. Also, Ross McLennan, our DP was a wizard with Alison's beauty lighting and really made the set come to life better than we could have ever imagined.

"We did do a lot of fun post stuff with Absolute - laser beams, fang transformation and the Grateful Dead inspired rainbow blood. Major respect to our editor Paul Snyder at Lost Planet who was hit by a bus, broke his wrist and edited the video with one hand. We raise our glasses".


DirectorLEGS Media
Production CompanyRokkit
Executive ProducerLuke Jacobs
ProducerHelen Potter
Director of PhotographyRoss McLennan
EditorPaul Snyder, Lost Planet
Art DirectorLou Corcoran
ChoreographerMark B
HairLyndell, CLM
Make-upKelly Cornwell, Premier
Casting directorNana Klimek

Jimmy Brown - 25th May 2010

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